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My work is about life emerging again from the cracks of broken systems.

I have a necessity to communicate and connect with others, to denounce that which gives pain and to share that which gives joy.

My work addresses the imminent threat that our ecology is facing today, but with a hopeful approach.  My main source of inspiration is the Ginkgo Biloba tree, a beautiful living fossil that has been on earth around 270 million years, surviving several mass extinctions and it is inadvertently humanity’s first and oldest conservation project: by deciding it was worthy, we ended up spreading the Ginkgo around the world and saving it from the edge of extinction.

Aside from my Gingko inspired paintings, I started using objects I stumble across while wandering through the city. I love working with material that comes from the earth, like fallen branches and clay. I give life to once-living objects by adding handmade ceramic pieces, creating my “Chernobyl “ series, as I have realised that when humankind stops exploiting, nature finds its way; like in Chernobyl, where despite huge radiation, people left and nature flourish.

The pandemic was an eye-opener too, in that we cannot go back to an unfair way of living for people and nature and proved that joined action around the world is possible. With this work I am trying to create a new consciousness to respect and love nature.




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