I paint out of a necessity to communicate and connect with others, to denounce that which gives pain and to share that which gives joy.


My first source of inspiration was the human figure, as a door to the many layers of human identity.  I was attracted to the naked body as a manifestation of self in its purest form, away from the prejudices that the outside world inscribes in our bodies. Later, through abstraction and colour I was then able to appeal to emotion, intuition and the world of the subjective, which helped me in my attempt to answer the enigma of identity.


My last paintings and sculptures address the imminent threat that our ecology is facing today. 


I am very enthused by the majestic Ginkgo Biloba tree, a beautiful living fossil that has been on earth around 270 million years. I was very shocked and sad to realise that this magnificent being so resilient since the time of the dinosaurs is now an endangered species, facing extinction.

I believe that art has the special ability to speak to us in ways we are not even aware of and that this power that art has will make a more lasting impact on people, because art supersedes language and rationality through its immediacy.

Due to my history of displacement, I explore the politics of identity and its intersection. I address issues such as identity, migration, ecology, memory, and loss.



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